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Introduction to Clipsal Integrated Systems

The availability of low cost, powerful microprocessors for building and home control and management systems has created unprecedented customer expectations for increased control, connectivity and integration of electrical and low voltage systems.

Clipsal Integrated Systems, a business unit dedicated to supplying end-to-end building management, integrated control and intelligent wiring solutions, has the products, solutions and programs to help meet these expectations. Clipsal Integrated Systems provides complete end-to-end solutions, with products catering to any type or size of installation.

The flagship product of Clipsal Integrated Systems is C-Bus, a low cost network control system. C-Bus is an industry standard for applications such as power & energy management, lighting control and architectural dimming control, smart home applications, remote control, high power switching & demand shedding and is widely recognized as being one of the most feature rich and cost effective control system solutions in the world.

Clipsal Integrated Systems' entry into the integrated control, monitoring and networking solutions market has been an outstanding success. Clipsal Integrated Systems has surpassed all expectations to become a major player in the thriving integrated control, monitoring and networking solutions industry.

With solutions ranging from power and lighting control, dimming, energy management, access control, CCTV, security, home automation, residential cabling, electrical safety & software, Clipsal Integrated Systems can supply the systems expected for modern commercial buildings, hotels and homes.

Clipsal Integrated Systems provides high quality and comprehensive solutions to cater to all the requirements of both installers and end users alike. Clipsal Integrated Systems' pursuit of solution excellence does not end with innovative products and leading edge solutions, but is demonstrated through our commitment to working closely with consultants, installers and customers to ensure a successful end result that complies with international standards. Clipsal Integrated Systems offer comprehensive training and accreditation programs to consultants and installers and our innovative product and warranty programs provide end users with complete peace of mind.

Clipsal Integrated Systems programs are active in over 25 different countries around the world, with local stocking, support, training and accreditation programs to ensure the highest standard of service at a local level, making Clipsal Integrated Systems truly "Your Global Partner in Control & Low Voltage Systems".